Why Barbados?

Barbados is a quality jurisdiction that is trusted and well-regulated – the island follows international best practice in capital market regulation.

For more information on why companies and investors alike choose Barbados, kindly refer to the Why Barbados page for details.

Which criteria do companies have to meet to list on the Barbados Stock Exchange?

With three markets to choose from, each with their own distinct listing requirements, your application(s) to list may not be uniform.

For more information, please review our market listing requirements:

What is the process for applying to list?

The application process for listing on the Barbados Stock Exchange depends entirely on the market of suitability for your business. While companies listing on the Main Market need not be accompanied by ancillary support, listings on both the Innovation & Growth Market and the International Securities Market must be introduced and sponsored by a Member of the Exchange and Listing Sponsor respectively.

Overall, an application must be made to the Barbados Stock Exchange for admission to trading.

For more information, please review our market listing requirements:

Which documents does the Barbados Stock Exchange require?

Please consult our Procedures page for the list of documents required for Membership and/or Listing.

What fees does the Barbados Stock Exchange charge?

The Exchange offers a cost-effective fee structure that is highly competitive in today’s capital markets.

Can investors purchase securities directly through the Exchange?

For companies publicly listed on its Board, the Barbados Stock Exchange Inc. operates a secondary market that facilitates the efficient and transparent trading of their securities.

Securities cannot be bought or sold directly through the Exchange. To purchase or sell shares in any of these listed companies you must contact a Registered Broker.