The market of choice for domestic and regional conglomerates and the main market of the Barbados Stock Exchange. A listing on the Main Market establishes your company as a solvent and compliant member of industry – certainly critical factors for attracting prospective investors.

Listing Requirements – The Main Market


Companies applying for listing of its securities on the Main Market of the Exchange must be able to show evidence of a successful operation, and at a minimum must:

  • have gross assets of not less than BDS $5 million dollars;
  • have three (3) years of audited financial statements prepared in accordance with accounting standards and audited in accordance with auditing standards that are acceptable to the Exchange;
  • in the case of a newly formed company provide three (3) years projections;
  • have evidence of competent management; and
  • be incorporated under the Laws of Barbados or another jurisdiction approved by the Exchange.


The Barbados Stock Exchange wishes to advise that the following documents are required for listing a new Bond on the Board of the BSE:

1. Copy of Prospectus or Term Sheet

2. Certified copy of the minutes where the Board agreed to the Listing (Certified Signatures of Corporate Secretary and Chairman)

3. A covering letter signed by the CEO and the Chairman confirming the date for Listing and the amount of the Bond to be listed

Bonds listed and traded on the Board of the Barbados Stock Exchange will be separated into three categories:

1. Government Bonds

2. Government Guaranteed Bonds

3. Corporate Bonds

On approval, the new listing will be issued an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) from our subsidiary, the Barbados Central Securities Depository Inc. (BCSDI) which will allow for international recognition of the instrument.

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For a walk-through of the listing process, please consult our Guide to Going Public or download our Listing Information Package today.

For more information on the Main Market, please consult the Rules of the Barbados Stock Exchange.