The Innovation & Growth Market (formerly known as the Junior Market) commenced operations in October 1999, and its objective is to cater to those smaller or newer public companies, which may not meet all the necessary requirements for listing on the Main Market.

Listing Requirements – The Innovation & Growth Market

Companies applying for listing on the Innovation & Growth Market of the Exchange must meet the following criteria:

  • have gross assets of not less than BDS $500,000 excluding goodwill;
  • minimum equity capital of BDS $200,000;
  • subordinated loan capital (other than prior-charge) not more than 25%¼ of Equity Capital;
  • public shareholders numbering not less than 25 and holding not less than  25% of the issuer’s outstanding total Equity Capital;
  • market introduction and continued sponsorship by a Member of the Exchange;
  • have evidence of competent management; and
  • be incorporated under the laws of Barbados or another jurisdiction approved by the Exchange.

For a walk-through of the listing process, please consult our Guide to Going Public or download our Listing Information Package today.