Automated Trading Solution

Avvento Trader is a highly efficient web-based platform that powers trading for the Barbados Stock Exchange Inc. (BSE) and other leading exchanges in the Caribbean. The system is developed by Securities & Trading Technology (STT), a global leader in financial market software.

Avvento Trader is developed using the latest technology and provides a reliable market infrastructure for trading activity. The BSE utilizes this solution to facilitate trading between banks, brokers, traders and clients on the Junior, Regular and International Securities Market (ISM).

Key features include:

  • Full execution management
  • Any asset class (equity, fixed income, commodities, derivatives, ETFs, REITs etc.)
  • Efficient order routing
  • Multi-exchange connectivity
  • DMA solution for clients
  • Market control and supervision
  • Real-time market data management


Central Security Depository Solution

The Barbados Central Securities Depository Inc. (BCSDI) utilizes the DEPEND system in managing its personal CSD.

Developed by Percival, the world’s #1 CSD system provider, DEPEND offers an unparalleled range of business functionality, IT efficiency and flexibility for Equity and Fixed Income CSDs around the globe. DEPEND is fully integrated with the Barbados Stock Exchange’s Avvento Trader ATS to provide real-time market statistics and reporting capabilities.

Key features include:

  • Clearing & Settlement (BIS models 1-3, advanced optimisation)
  • Securities Depository (dematerialised & certificated)
  • Money clearing (multi- currency, RTGS, commercial bank, integrated cash model)
  • Complete range and combination of account structures
  • Comprehensive IPO processing
  • Stock Borrowing & Lending
  • SWIFT Integration