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The Barbados Stock Exchange

Local Experience, Global Standards


Choose a market that works for your business – the Barbados Stock Exchange offers 3 distinct markets to meet your capitalisation needs:

  • Junior Market: ideal for start-ups and mid-sized business ventures.
  • Regular Market: the market of choice for domestic and regional conglomerates.
  • International Securities Market (ISM): a cost-effective, tax-efficient market for a wide range of international businesses.

Though backed by a classic market structure, companies can enjoy a number of dynamic benefits with a listing:

  • flexible financial model and new capitalization sources
  • cost-effective listings (both primary and secondary listings)
  • clear and transparent investment laws
  • right-sized regulation
  • Access to Barbados’ tax-treaty network – a credible, invaluable mechanism for structuring global investments

Experience the Barbados Advantage – businesses choosing Barbados as their domicile of choice can expect the following:

  • political, social and economic stability
  • a well-regulated business environment
  • well-educated human resources
  • low corporate taxes
  • an OECD approved domicile
  • an excellent quality of life

Please review our Markets page for detailed information on our listing requirements.

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