The Barbados Central Securities Depository Inc. (BCSDI) is a limited liability company and wholly owned subsidiary of the Barbados Stock Exchange. The BCSDI facilitates the immobilization of securities, clearance of trades and the settlement of funds through the Central Bank of Barbados.

As a supplemental offering to its depository services, the BCSDI can provide Registrar services to public and listed companies as well as to mutual funds. For Issuers of listed securities, this is a conveniently beneficial alternative to maintaining their own Share Registers or employing the services of a Third Party.

The BCSDI is a partner of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) and is responsible for assigning all International Securities Identification Numbers or ISINs to all locally registered securities as well as those registered on the International Securities Market (ISM).


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Our Technology

CSD Solution

The Barbados Central Securities Depository Inc. (BCSDI) utilizes the DEPEND system in managing its personal CSD.

Developed by Percival, the world’s #1 CSD system provider, DEPEND offers an unparalleled range of business functionality, IT efficiency and flexibility for Equity and Fixed Income CSDs around the globe.

Key features include:

  • Clearing & Settlement (BIS models 1-3, advanced optimisation)
  • Securities Depository (dematerialised & certificated)
  • Money clearing (multi- currency, RTGS, commercial bank, integrated cash model)
  • Complete range and combination of account structures
  • Comprehensive IPO processing
  • Stock Borrowing & Lending
  • SWIFT Integration