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International Securities Market

A cost-effective, tax-efficient market for a wide range of international businesses.

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Listing Requirements

Companies applying for listing on the International Securities Market of the Exchange must meet, at a minimum, the following criteria:

  • a new applicant must be carrying on an active, revenue-generating business for at least its last three (3) financial years unless exempted by the Exchange*;
  • have three (3) years of audited financial statements prepared in accordance with accounting standards and audited in accordance with auditing standards that are acceptable to the Exchange;
    the total market value of the securities must be at least US $3 million or equivalent (unless the securities are already listed on the ISM);
  • at least 25% of the class of securities to be listed must be placed with public investors, except if the Exchange grants an exemption based on the total number of shares held by public investors.
  • market introduction and continued sponsorship by a Listing Sponsor of the Exchange;
  • have competent management; and
  • be incorporated under the laws of a jurisdiction acceptable to the Exchange;


No security can list on the ISM without the appointment of a Listing Sponsor. Listing Sponsors conduct the requisite due diligence to ensure that your business is ready for a listing on the market.

The due diligence requirement is in place to satisfy 3 different groups:

  1. Stock Exchange: The Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) intends to conduct high-quality business with market actors. The due diligence process is a preventative measure – it ensures the ISM is inaccessible to criminal or other nefarious organizations.
  2. Issuers: A thorough due diligence process ensures the Issuer has the requisite qualifications for a listing. It will also assist the management and directors of the Issuer to understand the nature of the listing and the accompanying responsibilities.
  3. Investors: By completing the necessary steps to list on the Exchange, an issuer can firmly demonstrate its commitment to transparency and good governance – a sign to investors the world-over that they can transact in good faith on the ISM.


All Issuers are regulated by the ISM’s General Listing Requirements (Rule 4400) and Continued Listing Requirements (Rule 5000).

For more information on the International Securities Market, please consult the following:

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