The Barbados Stock Exchange Inc. wishes to congratulate Mr. Terry Williams, Investment and Relationship Officer – SigniaGlobe Financial Group Inc. on winning our Broker of the year 2018 Competition. This is Mr. Williams’ second win since he commenced trading on behalf of then Signia Financial Group Inc. in 2010.

Mr. Williams’ performance was stellar throughout the year conducting a total of 772 trades (Buying and selling) for the year ended December 31st, 2018. His average monthly buy and sell trades were 40 and 24 trades respectively, as he conducted trades in both the Equity and Bond Markets. For the period January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2018, Mr. Williams conducted 476 Equity transactions as the Buying Broker, trading a total volume of 2,135,382 with a corresponding value of $5,554,823.42. He also conducted 8 Fixed Income transactions as the Buying Broker with a total face value of $2,489,000.00 As the Selling Broker, he conducted 282 Equity transactions, trading a total volume of 1,492,600 shares valued at $5,187,258.13. In terms of Fixed Income securities trading, Mr. Williams conducted 6 sell trades with a total face value of $2,441,000.00.

First runner up in last year’s competition was Ms. Beverley Walters – BSE Broker of the Year 2016 – of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank – Asset Management & Securities Trading while Mr. Lamar Goring – BSE Broker of the Year 2017 – of Royal Fidelity Merchant Bank & Trust Limited was the second runner up.

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