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Amendment to International Securities Market (ISM)

8:17 am

Pursuant to Section 33 (2) of the Securities Act, the Barbados Stock Exchange (“Exchange”) wishes to invite any interested person to submit written comments on the proposed amendments to the International Securities Market (ISM) rules Section 4610.3 and addendum Series 9000: Special Listing Facility-Digital Assets which are subject regulatory approval. For further clarification please refer to the ISM Guidance note “Application of Special Listing Facility for Digital Financial Assets Rule SERIES 9000”.

The substance and purpose of this amendment to Section 4610.3 is to facilitate the growth of the ISM through admission of various sizes of business. It should also be noted, that the ISM does not carry a junior market. Therefore, this reduction in capital would allow greater diversity of companies and be a catalyst for listings on the ISM.

The substance and purpose of the addendum Series 9000: Special Listing Facility – Digital Assets is to diversify the categories of prospective listings and capitalize on the opportunity to position Barbados as one of the first countries to list and trade digital assets. This rule will be a provision that allows foreign investors – within the blockchain market – to list their digital assets on the ISM.

Kindly submit your written comments to the Exchange no later than January 18th, 2019. For further clarification, please contact us at 436-9871 or info@bse.com.bb.

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