For the Main and Junior Markets:

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For the International Securities Market (ISM):


Below are the shareholders of the Barbados Stock Exchange Inc:

  • Barbados Bar Association
  • Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Barbados Institute of Banking and Finance Incorporated
  • Brentwood Securities Incorporated
  • Capita Financial Services Incorporated
  • Caribbean Financial Services Corporation
  • Central Bank of Barbados
  • Chancery Chambers LLP
  • CIBC FirstCaribbean International Trust & Merchant Bank (Barbados) Limited
  • First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Limited
  • First Citizens Investment Services (Barbados) Limited
  • Fortress Fund Managers Limited
  • Millennium Heritage Incorporated
  • Polybed Corporation
  • Republic Finance & Trust (Barbados) Corporation
  • Royal Fidelity Capital Markets (Barbados) Limited
  • Sagicor Asset Management Incorporated
  • Signia Financial Group Incorporated

*Non-settling Broker (This company trades solely on behalf of their mutual funds)